Part three reveals Beatty's true character in "Fahrenheit 451". What is revealed? Fahrenheit 451 stuff

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Beatty at first appears sympathetic to Montag, During a visit to Montag's home, Beatty says he understands Montag's curiosity. He tells him that the masses of people wanted the books burned because the differing ideas and information in books confused them and caused conflict. He even admits to reading some of the books himself but said they were full of confusion and caused sadness. At the end of the novel, however, Beatty shows he is ruthlessly cunning when he has Montag respond to a call at Montag's own home. He tells Montag to burn his home, and teases Montag until he is forced to burn his home to the ground. It is obvious that Beatty has been manipulating Montag but when Beatty sees he can't convince Montag to stop hiding books, he tries to force Montag into submission. Ironically, it is one of Beatty's last acts because soon after that, Montag turns the flamethrower on Beatty.

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