In part 2 chapter 1 as the chapter closes what event is Winston watching?

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huntress eNotes educator| Certified Educator

At the end of this chapter, Winston has finally managed to sit next to the girl at lunch and exchanged a plan to meet publicly, in a crowd, in order to avoid detection. They meet that evening as planned in a large group which includes "proles" and include themselves in a huge, shoving crowd to watch a passing convoy of Eurasian prisoners. It is a long line of military vehicles and guarded by men with sub-machine guns. It's moving slowly down the street, so it's clearly designed for display (and fear-inducing) purposes. The prisoners have sad, expressionless faces, devoid of hope, and are clad in greed uniforms and leg irons. By the end of his conversation with the girl, the passengers are more European, filthy and bearded. The chapter closes with the girl having left and Winston staring into the eyes of a solemn, strangely resigned prisoner. 

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