Paraphrase Shakespeare's Sonnet 18.

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Well, to paraphrase something means to "express the same message in different words," so that is what I will try to do:

I'd compare you to a summer's day,

but you are prettier and more pleasant.

In spring rough winds shake the trees

and mess up their new leaves,

and summer doesn't last that long once it comes.

Sometimes the sun is too hot

and sometimes it is too cold out,

but that is just the way nature works.

You, though, are the gift that keeps on giving!

Baby, you're like a summer that never goes away.

Not even death can wipe out the memory

of how great my love is for you,

because I wrote this sweet poem about it.

As long as people have eyes and can read

this poem will remind them

how much I loved you.

That's about it: I love you, you're way better than the beautiful stuff people usually think of, and this poem will remind people forever how much I love you.  Romantic, huh?



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