Paraphrase lines 2795-2802 from Beowulf.

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This paraphrase of Beowulf is offered as my own original of lines 2795 through 2802. It is not taken from any other translation.

To provide some background for the paraphrase, Beowulf has just succeeded in slaying the dragon and has died. His band of warriors are mounring his death. The bolded contains the original text, and the regular text contains the paraphrase.

deeds of the deed. So dutiful thanes

actions of the action. Then the obediant warriors

in liege to their lord    mourn him with lays

in honor to their king    grieve him with songs  


praising his peerless    prowess in battle  


honoring his matchless skill in battle

as it is fitting    when life leaves the flesh. 

as it should be done  when one dies


Heavey-hearted    his hearth-companions 

Woeful his fireside brothers


grieved for Beowulf,    great among kings, 

mourned for Beowulf, the greatest of kings,


mild in his mein,     most gentle of men,

gentle in his death, most mild of men,


kindest to kinfolk,   yet keenest for fame. 

gracious to all people, yet intense for renown.

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