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by Mary Shelley

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What are the parallels between William Golding's Lord of the Flies and Mary Shelley's Frankenstein?   Please provide as many parallels as possible and quotes, please.

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While both William Golding and Mary Shelley have created hypothetical situations in order to examine the nature of human beings, their approaches and motivations for doing so differ greatly. Yet, at the same time, they do share an examination of how environment affects humans and what is the intrinsic nature of these beings.

Affect of environment

Certainly the affect of environment upon a person's character is one that is examined in both novels. Whereas the deprivation of human society and its nurturing and love is responsible for the evil that the creature does in Frankenstein, in Lord of the Flies it is the the deprivation of society that allows the inherent evil of the boys' nature emerge.  For Shelley, then, it is the lack of society which causes evil, but for Golding, it is the lack of society which allows the evil nature of man--the beast--to emerge. 

Golding's depiction of humanity is that it is inherently flawed by evil. In Chapter Six of Lord of the Flies , for instance, he...

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