In a paragraph, what is a good summary for the book The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank?Try to include a minimum of three quotes in the summary

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When the Nazi occupation spread to Holland in 1942, a Jewish family named Frank went into hiding above a warehouse.  In this "Secret Annex," the Franks and the Van Daans lived in seculsion, cut off from the outside world.  There they endured the stress of living in such a confined environment and the fear of discovery.  The young Anne kept a diary that she named "Kitty"; in this diary she recorded her experiences and thoughts in amusing and often moving passages.  For example, when an eighth person, Mr.Dussel, a dentist.  A short time later, he examines Mrs. Van Daan's teeth and finds two cavities.  When he begins to scrape her cavities,

the patient flung her arms and legs about wildly in all directions until at one point Dussel let go of the scraper--that remained stuck in Mrs. Van Daan's teeth.

In another passage, Anne describes an air raid,

...the house rumbled and shook, and down came the bombs.

I clasped my "escape bag" close to me, more because I wanted to have something to hold than with an idea of escaping because there's nowhere we can go.

As there life in hiding continues, the occupants face the fear of discovery as the warehouse workers become suspicious, and they also face starvation as one of their providers becomes ill.  In addition, Anne's diary is the account of the maturation of a girl who has a short-lived infatuation with Peter. Later, she writes,

When I realized that he could not be a friend for my understanding, I thought I would at least try to lift him up out of his narrow-mindedness and make him do something with his youth. 

Her diary ends abruptly in August of 1944 when the occupants of the "Secret Annex" are discovered.

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