In a paragraph, explain the setting on Chapters 1-4 in The Outsiders.

Expert Answers
bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Although author Susan E. Hinton never reveals the exact setting of her novel, The Outsiders, it is believed to be that of Tulsa, Oklahoma--Hinton's home as a teenager. The gang of greasers spend most of their time on the streets, with the drive-in theatre as one of their primary diversions. At the drive-in, the boys meet their friends, hit on girls, get in fights, and even watch a little of the movie. When the three boys--Pony, Johnny and Two-Bit--escort the two girls back to Two-Bit's house to retrieve his car, they are accosted by a group of Socs in the blue Mustang. After the girls leave in the Mustang, Pony and Johnny head home. The boys' homes are in a lower-class neighborhood, far from those of the Socs' wealthy parents. Both Johnny and Pony decide not to go home; Johnny's parents are fighting, and Darry hits Pony when he comes home late. They head to another one of their stomping grounds--the nearby park, which is greaser territory and off-limits to the Socs. However, the Socs in the blue Mustang cruise by and decide to confront the two greasers. Pony's and Johnny's lives will change drastically afterward.