In Paradise of the Blind by Duong Thu Huong, what are the dominant religious beliefs of the culture of origin? To what extent do religious considerations of the culture appear in the text?

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In Paradise of the Blind, the dominant religious beliefs of the Vietnamese culture presented involve Confucianism and center upon the character of Hang in the text.  There are many ways these religious considerations of culture appear, but the two main examples are the Confucian honor of male family members and the use of food as a main method of honor.

In regards to the Confucian honor of the males in the family, the characters of Tam and Hang’s mother are quite important.  Tam can be seen honoring her brothers through many gifts (such as currency, clothes, and food).  Similarly, Hang’s mother sacrifices many things for the least deserving (albeit male) members of the family:  her brother and her nephews.  Among the things Hang’s mother gives up are her food, her money, a much-needed roof, her health, and even Hang’s education.  In doing this, Hang’s mother adheres to Confucianism, but neglects other important aspects of the family.

As you can see (even in the examples of...

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