Paper has few errors regarding typos, spelling, punctuation, and grammar (no fragment sentences and/or run on sentences). Paper uses language in creative and sophisticated ways,incorporating the author's voice throughout the paper.

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To write a paper about Meeting at the Crossroads that addresses the concerns in this question, it's important to consider the meaning of the authors.  How did they get their data, what were their conclusions, and how did they present the information?

Lyn Mikel Brown and Carol Gilligan designed a study to examine how girls become women and how it affects their ability to relate their own experiences. The results of that study are what Meeting at the Crossroads is based on. They argued that girls become less competent at articulating their experiences as they lose individual freedom. Individual freedom is lost when girls are encouraged to act socially appropriate and conform to standards as they get older. 

It's important to be able to clearly express Brown and Gilligan's ideas, as well as to incorporate direct quotes from the text. For example, saying that the researchers paid close attention to how the girls expressed ideas nonverbally is a way of expressing your own understanding of the experiment. Saying that "It was the adult women in their lives that provided the models for silencing themselves and behaving like ‘good little girls' is a way of quoting Brown and Gilligan's conclusion directly—and directly incorporates the voice of the author. 

To use creative and sophisticated language, vary your sentence length and composition. Make some sentences short. Other sentences should be longer and contain more ideas and details. It makes your writing more dynamic and interesting.

To avoid typographical and grammatical errors, consider using an online grammar checker before you submit your work. There is no substitution for reading it through yourself, either. Reading it out loud is an especially effective way to find errors.

Sentences fragments are incomplete sentences. Each of your sentences should be a complete sentence. A run-on sentence is one in which two sentences are joined together in an incorrect way without the right punctuation.

If you cite direct quotes from the authors to support your own conclusions, edit your work for errors, and use attractive language, you will fulfill the requirements set forth in this question.

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