1. What is the problem facing father and son in this story? 2. Who is at fault in this story? Who's the bad guy? 3. Harry clearly doesn't like the parrot. What doesn't he understand about it? 4. What clues will support your answer to question no. 3?

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  1. The problem facing father and son is that there is a rift that has grown between the two of them. Harry always stopped by his father’s candy shop with his friends after school and his father enjoyed their company. However, neither he nor his friends come by anymore because they have become older and have other interests. Besides, Harry is embarrassed by his father’s constant communication with the parrot, his new companion.
  2. There is no bad guy in this story. Harry’s behavior towards his father is perfectly understandable as he is an adolescent experiencing change that influences his actions. In fact, after he realizes that his father had missed his company, he becomes remorseful of his actions and rushes to be with him in the hospital. In addition to that, he volunteers to tend to his father’s shop and the parrot while his father is hospitalized.
  3. Harry does not understand why the parrot asked where he was repeatedly and yet he was right there.
  4. Harry does not like the parrot and gets agitated by almost everything the bird says. He refers to it as a stupid bird and even throws candy at its cage in annoyance.
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