The US and Conflict in the Middle East

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The Palestinian-Israeli conflict is also increasingly about human rights. What are some current examples of this?

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In many ways, the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians has always been about human rights.  At its most basic level, this is a conflict about who has the right to live where.  In 1948, Israel caused many Palestinians to have to leave their homelands, and many other Palestinians left on their own because they did not want to live in Israel.  Although that was a different time in history, one in which people held different attitudes, we can look on that today as a violation of human rights.  At the same time, most Israelis today presumably have the human right to live where they do because they were not personally involved in taking land from the Palestinians.  This is similar to the way in which Americans would agree that they have the right to live where they do since they did not personally take land from the Native Americans.  Thus, this has always been about human rights to some degree.

In recent times, there have been a number of specific issues relating to human rights.  Palestinian fighters regularly commit, or attempt to commit, human rights violations by attacking innocent Israelis with missiles and, in the past, with suicide bombings.  Israel, for its part, retaliates with what some call human rights violations of its own.  It has knocked down the homes of Palestinians without specifically tying them to any crimes and has instituted blockades of Gaza that deny them the ability to rebuild.  It allegedly engages in violations of human rights with people it detains, allegedly torturing them and holding them in abusive conditions.

In short, this is a conflict in which human rights are at issue in many ways.

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