In "A Pair of Tickets" by Amy Tan, how does June May specifically grow and change throughout the story?

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June May changes gradually from the beginning of "A Pair of Tickets" as she travels to China to meet a family she has never known. She travels with her father, having lost her mother only three months before. They are to meet her father's relatives first, and then her mother's twin daughters, June May's half-sisters, who June May's mother had to abandon on the side of the road. As the story opens, we find June May in quiet introspection. She watches her father as he gazes wistfully at the countryside of his childhood home, and she thinks about her mother, and her mother's belief that Chinese was "in her blood." She seems torn between grief for her mother and fear over meeting her half-sisters. She questions her own worth in her mother's eyes, and wonders if her mother longed for her sisters and would have preferred them over her. Her grief over her mother's death is perhaps made more tragic, as she feels she never really knew her mother completely. This, in turn, causes her to question...

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