If a page was written 1 year ago but claimed to have been written 2 years ago can that be ascertained as to when it was written by ink dating?

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Ink dating is a more difficult part of ink analysis than determine what type of pen an ink came from or other questions. There are many ink preservation technologies that can impact how ink appears after a period of time, and possibly making it appear newer than it actually is.

Ink dating is quite difficult to do, and sometimes can only be done if it is known that the ink did not exist when the document is claimed to have been created. However, since 1969 some ink manufacturers did use some kind of chemical coding to date inks to at least within a timespan of a few years. So it is sometimes possible to date an ink within a few years, but not always possible to limit it to a specific year.

The type of ink dating that would be relevant to the short time-frame in your question is called "dynamic" ink dating. The complex process of dynamic ink dating measures the chemical "dryness" (chemical changes that occur over time) of ink on paper. Dynamic ink dating can identifyy the date of ink that has "dried" for three years or more. Any ink with less than three years drying time will be classified as still within the drying process period.

"if a significant statistical difference is found between the aged and unaged samples, it is concluded that the ink is still in the drying process and most likely less than three years old (Speckin Forensic Laboratories)."

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