On page 66, what does the quote "By the time the pile was built, they were on different sides of a high barrier" mean? It was right after Jack returns with the hunters and has killed a pig. They let the fire go out and missed their chance to get rescued from a ship that passes by the island. It has something to do with drawing the line between Ralph's side and Jack's side I think. Help? :)

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While Ralph and a few others are trying to catch the attention of the passing ship, Jack and the rest have gone hunting. Although they return triumphant with a large pig, it turns out that the twins also went along on the hunt rather than sticking with their task of keeping the fire going. The quoted line about “different sides” comes at the end of several pages of action in which Ralph confronts Jack. As the two exchange words, their attitudes, as well as those of the other boys, reveal the new direction that governance on the island will take.

Jack is clearly behaving far worse than anyone else, as he not only mocks Piggy but viciously attacks him, punching him in the stomach and breaking his glasses. The author draws attention to Jack’s growing taste for blood—he not only gets his hands in it while cutting up the pig but deliberately smears it on his own hair and forehead. Ralph asserts his leadership but in a rather childish way: "I was chief, and you were going to do what I...

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