Does Beth know Victor in The Lucky Charm?On page 350 of the paperback The Lucky One, Beth asks Ben if he was sure that Logan said that Victor called her photo a lucky charm.

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Ben does not know Victor.  Logan has told Elizabeth about Victor, and Elizabeth told Ben.

Victor was a sniper who served in Iraq with Logan.  He was a good shot, and Logan trusted him with his life.  Victor was a very poetic man, and he told Logan that the picture of Elizabeth was Logan’s good luck charm. 

“I’m happy for you.  Luck will be on your side from now on, [Victor] added. … “But you can never lose the picture… then the charm works in reverse.” (p. 23)

Logan passed this on to Elizabeth, by way of explaining why he came to find her.  Elizabeth does not react well to the story.  She calls it crazy, and says it makes Logan sound like a “crazy nut job” (p. 302).  In the end, Elizabeth does show that she loves Logan and she is just joking.  She comes to accept the story of the picture.



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