Who is Bido?On page 318 of In the Time of the Butterflies, when Dede and Lio are sitting under the picture of Bido, who is Bido?

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dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The quote you to which you are referring on page 318 of the 1994 Penguin Edition of In the Time of the Butterflies reads,

I can see them glancing at us, the two old ones, how sweet they look under that painting of Bido. To them we are characters in a sad story about a past that is over."

The speaker, Dede, is speaking in 1994, about the changes in the Dominican Republic since the freedom for which her sisters sacrificed their lives almost thirty-five years earlier has come. Candido Bido is a famous Dominican Republican painter known for the intense, shimmering colors which he created himself. Bido's paintings focus on the simple people of the Dominican, the heart and soul of the nation. It is fitting that Dede and Lio, who are anachronisms in a country which has become prosperous and materialistic in freedom, are pictured sitting before a painting by Bido; both they and the painting are a part of a past which has become, sadly, seemingly irrelevant. Dede wonders, sitting there before Bido's poignant representation, if the sacrifice of her sisters was worth it. At the time of their death, the people for whom they fought held an idealism and heart that seems to have been lost in the fast-paced, consumer nation which has arisen in the years since their sacrifice.

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