On page 141 of To Kill a Mockingbird, explain how Jem broke "the remaining code" of childhood. Why does he do this?

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The code of childhood states that you should never rat out a friend to an adult. Children like to keep secrets, especially from adults, so there's nothing particularly unusual about this. To Scout's disgust, Jem breaks the code of childhood by telling Atticus that Dill's been hiding under Scout's bed after running away from home. Scout is truly appalled by what she sees as Jem's betrayal, not just because it's a clear case of ratting out a friend, but because she has something of a crush on Dill.

However, Scout's too young and immature to realize that Jem's done the right thing by alerting Atticus to Dill's whereabouts. Apart from anything else, it's simply not practical for Dill to...

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