If a packet of Kool-Aid is dropped in a mug of water and the red food color spreads throughout the water, what postulate of the particle theory is demonstrated?

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dcbiostat eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Because the food coloring of the Kool-Aid spread (diffused) throughout the water, this activity demonstrated that the particles that make up matter are in constant motion. It also shows that the particles of a liquid are able to flow past one another and not held in a ridged shape.

The particle theory of matter is composed of the following postulates:

  1. All matter is made of small particles such as atoms, compounds, and molecules.
  2. These tiny particles are in constant motion.
  3. There are spaces between the particle that make up matter. Solids have the least amount of space between their particles, liquids of a bit more space between their particles, and gases have the most space between their particles.
  4. There are forces between these particles that are known as intermolecular forces (“inter” = between, “molecular” = molecule).