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 `(p+7)/p + (2p)/(p+3)`     Simplify.

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`(p+7)/p + (2p)/(p+3)`

Multiply each term by a factor that will equate both the denominators. Here, both terms need a denominator of p(p+3).

`((p+3)/(p+3))* (p+7)/p + (2p)/(p+3) (p/p)`

`((p+3)(p+7))/(p(p+3)) + ((2p)(p))/(p(p+3))`

 Now let's simplify the numerators in order to add since we have a common denominator.

Use FOIL for the first terms.

`((p^2 +10p+21) +2p^2)/(p(p+3))`

Combine like terms in the numerator.

`(3p^2 +10p +21)/ (p(p+3))`


`(3p^2 +10p+21)/(p^2+3p)` 

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