What are all the ways to describe Owen Taylor?

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Owen Taylor is very similar to Carol Lundgren except that Taylor is heterosexual and Lundgren is homosexual. In the contemporary vernacular, Taylor is straight and Lundgren is gay. Both are poor, so they have little power. This tends to make them rely on guns to feel important and to have any effect in the world. Taylor is young, emotional, naive. He is easily seduced by the nymphomaniac Carmen Sternwood and would do anything for her, although she doesn't deserve such sincere affection and loyalty. Just as Carol Lundgren murders Joe Brody to avenge the murder of his lover, Arthur Gwynn Geiger (albeit mistakenly), so Owen Taylow murders Geiger out of misguided affection for Carmen and probably jealousy of Geiger. They might be considered foils for each other. They are both ignorant and foolish, and they both throw their lives away for delusions. 

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Owen Taylor is described as young, dark haired and slim. I would also add passionate, since he committed both murder and suicide for love. I suppose you could also describe him as a killer, or murderer. He could also be a tragedy.
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