Overview of "Home and Beauty" by W. Somerset Maugham?

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Home and Beauty, by Somerset Maugham is a play written in 1915 chronicling the life events of the protagonist, a socialite named Victoria. The play is set during World War I which plays its part in the decisions Victoria makes when dealing her multiple husbands. The play spans from her mourning a first husband who was killed in action, or was he, to her multiple divorces when she ends up with two husbands. She decides that soldiers do not make good husbands and ends up in the throes of divorce. The relationship between the two men develops throughout the plot, and speaks to Victoria’s character. The play exposes and expounds upon the divorce laws that were in place at the time. In spite of the war being in the background, the play is more satirical and superficial than those of other authors of the time including later works by Maugham.

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