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The overall question of this essay is asking to analyze the relationship between television and occupational groups. The first occupational group that is a common theme of TV series' and movies and is much more represented than other groups on television is doctors. Although it may be unintentional, television can promote common stereotypes and create new stereotypes to be accepted by their audience through what is commonly displayed in shows and movies. Why are different occupational groups, doctors for example, depicted the way that they are in our society? Does this have a negative or positive effect on these groups (and our society) and our understanding of them?

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Television shows rely on drama, and occupations in the medical field offer juicy, powerful plot lines involving life and death. Shows such as M*A*S*H and Grey's Anatomy makes the lives of doctors seem more dramatic and eventful than everyday medicine for most physicians. Doctors are portrayed as saviors and heroes, as these roles make for good drama; in actuality, though, doctors in many ways are humbled by the practice of medicine and cannot always act as saviors. Instead, they marshall their knowledge and experience to provide the best care for patients that they can, but they do not have superhuman qualities and their work is not always dramatic.

One could argue that while the view of doctors is often heroic on television, this type of portrayal is not always positive for doctors. These shows make doctors appear capable of carrying out superhuman feats, and these dramas might make people expect near-miracles from their doctors. Therefore, such shows give the public an unrealistic attitude and perception of the medical practice.

One could also argue that television shows portray the legal field in similarly unrealistic terms. Shows such as Perry Mason and Law & Order make it seem like lawyers have a great deal of power, while in actuality, the practice of law is often far less dramatic. Perhaps you can think of other professions that are portrayed inaccurately on television.

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