Over what was the Mexican War started?  please answer the questions according to this website:...

Over what was the Mexican War started?


please answer the questions according to this website: http://www.americanhistory.abc-clio.com/Search/Display.aspx?categoryid=21&entryid=263240&searchtext=mexican-+american+war&type=simple&option=all

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brettd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

While the border dispute between the US and Mexico over where Texas stopped and Mexico started was the flashpoint/spark for the Mexican-American War, the war itself was fought over President James K. Polk's quest to complete Manifest Destiny by conquering the Southwest and California for the United States.  To do this, he had to force Mexico into war, and he chose the Texas border dispute to do it.

We didn't just annex Texas, as the state of Texas was only about a third of the present day state in size, we annexed much more, all the way to the Rio Grande River in order to provoke Mexico into war.  They offered us to the Nueces River as a compromise, but we insisted in the Rio Grande, even though the land in between those two rivers is pretty barren and at the time, economically worthless.  We sent troops and provoked the border clash to force war and take California, which was exactly the end result.

pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The war between Mexico and the United States started largely because of arguments over the status of Texas.

Texas had been part of Mexico until it rebelled and won independence in 1836.  After that, it wanted to become part of the United States.

In 1846, Texas was annexed by the US.  This made Mexico very angry because it still felt Texas belonged to it.  The US tried to pay for Texas and buy other parts of Mexico.  Not surprisingly, Mexico refused.  This led to tensions between the two countries that culminated in war.

krishna-agrawala | Student

Mexican War refers to the war fought from 1846 to 18 48 between Mexico and USA. The underlying reasons can be attributed to development that had been taking place for nearly two decades before the actual start of war.

Texas was a territory controlled by Mexico, but the people of Texas were opposed to Mexican control and revolted against it in 1835, and established an independent country in 1836. But Mexico refused to recognize Texas independence and warned USA against making Texas a Part of USA. However, in 1845 USA accepted Texas in its folds. Mexico did not declare war against USA as threatened earlier but broke off diplomatic relations with it.

But the matters did not end here, There were further disputes and disagreements over boundary between Texas and Mexico. Further, USA had some claims on Mexico for compensation against loss of US ;lives and property in Mexico since 1820. By 1840 USA increased its insistence on collection of these dues. Perhaps the greatest contributing factor was the American desire to expand its territories westward covering California, and the other causes were made additional excuses for the war.

In this backdrop, USA made an offer to Mexico to waive off their compensation claims and pay Mexico additional 25 million dollars in return for Mexico accepting the Texas Boundary as per Us version and agreeing to sell New Mexico and California to USA. This offer was rejected by Mexico.

USA responded by sending a contingent of 3000 soldiers int the disputed territory in Texas. There was a clash between these men and Mexican Army, and a contingent of American was defeated in a battle by Mexican force. This became an excuse for USA to declare war against Mexico claiming that American territory was invaded by them.

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