In The Outsiders, why were Johnny and Pony delighted to sit beside Cherry and Marcia ?

Expert Answers
bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are many reasons why Pony and Johnny are excited about sitting with Cherry and Marcia at the drive-in.

  • They are both beautiful girls--"tuff-looking... and really good-looking"
  • They are both older than the boys--"They looked about sixteen or seventeen."
  • They are Socs, not "greasey girls," but "classy ones at that."
  • Pony recognizes that Cherry is a popular cheerleader.
  • Neither of the boys have girlfriends, and Pony is "half-scared of all nice girls, especially Socs." Johnny "didn't talk to girls much."
  • Pony realizes that they would "have something to tell the boys!"
  • The girls are ego-boosters for Johnny and Pony, and they don't treat them like most Socs treat greasers.
  • Pony finds Cherry easy to talk to, and she is a good listener as well.
  • Cherry flatters Pony when she tells him how cute Sodapop is--he "is one doll"--and then tells Pony that "you look alike."
  • Cherry "digs" sunsets, just like Pony.