In The Outsiders, when does it say Ponyboy's parents die?  

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In The Outsiders, the reader learns that Ponyboy's parents have died in chapter 3 of the novel. This occurs right after Johnny, Two-Bit, and Ponyboy have a run in with a group of Socs while walking Cherry and Marcia to Two-Bit's house to pick up his car, and give them a ride home, after the movies. The run in almost leads to a fight between the two groups. Following this incident, Two-Bit leaves the two, while Johnny and Ponyboy go and lay in the lot to look at the stars, despite the cold weather. While laying there, Ponyboy falls asleep and has a dream about himself, and his family, moving out to the country. During this dream, Ponyboy talks about his brothers and parents. On page 48 of Chapter 3, while describing Darry, Ponyboy says "Darry would lose that cold, hard look and be like he used to be, eight months ago, before Mom and Dad were killed." Hope this helps!

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