In The Outsiders what are three things Pony and Johnny do to pass time in the abandoned church?

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Johnny and Pony read Gone with the Wind, play cards, and watch the sun rise and set.

Johnny and Pony had to run away because Johnny killed Bob to protect Pony.  The boys do not think that the cops will listen to or believe their side of the story, because they are greasers and killed a Soc.  They are poor and he was rich.

Dally suggests that the boys go and hide in an abandoned church where no one will look for them.  Johnny goes to get supplies and returns with a way to dye their hair and a way to pass the time.

"Gee, thanks." I put the book down reluctantly. I wanted to start it right then.

"Peroxide? A deck of cards..." Suddenly I realized something. "Johnny, you ain't thinking of..." (Ch. 5)

Pony does not expect Johnny to like Gone with the Wind, because he never got good grades in school and was considered dumb by some of his teachers.  It turned out Johnny was deeper than Pony thought, he just needed time.  Johnny enjoyed the book and liked learning about the Civil War and Southern gentlemen.

Johnny also proved himself thoughtful and deep by his reaction to the sunsets and sunrises.

We could see for miles; see the ribbon of highway and the small dots that were houses and cars. We couldn't watch the sunset, since the back faced east, but I loved to look at the colors of the fields and the soft shadings of the horizon. (Ch. 5)

Johnny likes the sunsets too.  Pony realizes that the two of them are more alike than he realized.  He had always liked Johnny, but now it seemed as if they were of the same mind.  Johnny had a depth to him that Pony did not realize.  Johnny and Pony are able to discussion poetry, literature, and sunsets.

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