In The Outsiders, what are three of Cherry Valance's personality traits?

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Cherry Valance is a Soc cheerleader who becomes friends with Ponyboy throughout the novel The Outsiders.

Insightful: Cherry is an insightful individual who has the ability to understand the essential differences between the Socs and Greasers at a personal level. She explains to Ponyboy that their social groups differ in more ways than he realizes. She mentions that the Socs are superficial and hide their emotions while the Greasers are not afraid to discuss their issues and are more sincere individuals.

Conflicted: After the death of her boyfriend, Cherry feels conflicted about her situation. She realizes that she comes from an affluent family and is a Soc, but she identifies with the Greasers. She loves Dally but knows that their relationship will never work out, and offers to help the Greasers spy on the Socs. She is caught between the two social groups and wants to help the Greasers, even though most of her friends oppose them.

Tenacious: When Dally begins to make lewd comments at the drive-in, Cherry lets him know that he is being annoying and stands up for herself. When Dally leaves her alone and returns with a Coke, Cherry throws the drink in his face. Cherry is not afraid of Dally and displays her tenacious attitude by not accepting the drink.

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Cherry Valance is a Soc, but she is different from her peers in several ways. She is not filled with hatred or a sense of superiority; instead, her nature is sensitive, understanding, and peaceful. Cherry can't leave her group, but she likes and trusts Pony, even though he is a Greaser. She helps him understand that Pony and his friends are not the only ones who have problems and conflicts and that people who are rich can appreciate many of the same things that Pony values, such as beautiful sunsets. Cherry avoids violence whenever she can and tries to head off violence between the Socs and the Greasers. She is loyal to her boyfriend Bob, however, and won't visit Johnny in the hospital because Johnny had killed Bob.

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