In The Outsiders, what does Ponyboy mean when he says Soda "reminds me of a colt"?

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I swear, sometimes he reminds me of a colt.

The above quote comes from chapter 7. The chapter starts off in the hospital, because Johnny and Dally are there in order to get their injuries from the fire taken care of. Reporters are all over the place trying to get the scoop on the story of a Greaser gang rescuing children from a burning church. Soda is loving every minute of the attention. He's showing off to the reporters and really strutting about in an attempt to soak up all of the limelight.

Ponyboy compares Soda to a colt, which is a young horse. Pony believes that a colt does the same thing as Soda is doing. They both try to get all of the attention that they can.

A long-legged palomino colt that has to get his nose into everything. The reporters stared at him admiringly.

Keep in mind that Soda is movie star handsome. Add that to his infectious energy, and people can't take their eyes off of him. That's what a young, beautiful horse does to people. You can't take your eyes off of such a pretty, majestic, and energetic animal.

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Ponyboy says that Soda "reminds [him] of a colt" because like a colt, Soda is young, playful and enjoys having fun.  He is lighthearted and spirited.

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