In The Outsiders, where does the book talk about the horse Mickey Mouse?

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Ponyboy describes Mickey Mouse to Cherry Valance in Chapter Three of The Outsiders. Pony had never "old anyone about Soda's horse.  It was personal," but he finds himself opening up to Cherry (39).  Ponyboy's description of Mickey Mouse perfectly characterizes the kind of a relationship a boy can have with a horse and the love that Sodapop had for Mickey Mouse. 

According to Ponyboy, Mickey Mouse was one "ornery pony," but Sodapop loved him for it (39).  The horse would only come when Soda called him, and even though Mickey was down right mean to everybody else, he and Soda shared a bond.  Ponyboy recalls, "He may have belonged to another guy, but he was Soda's horse" (40). 

Unfortunately, Mickey's owner sold him, and when Soda found out, he "had bawled all night long" (40).  Soda had never really wanted anything for himself, but he had wanted Mickey Mouse. 

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