In The Outsiders, on what page can you find the word "scrap"?

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I can't find the word "scrap" on any page. I opened a pdf copy of The Outsiders and I searched for the word "scrap." I found "scraped" on page 51, and "scraping" on page 91 and page 151.

The word "scrap" can mean a small piece, or a fight (or rumble).

I found a few instances where a piece of paper is mentioned. On page 41, Two-Bit tears up a piece of paper with Marcia's number on it. On page 70, Dally gives Ponyboy a piece of paper with a letter from Sodapop.

"Scrap" can also mean "fight" or "rumble." Ponyboy talks about fighting on pages four, ten, and 18, and Two-Bit discusses fighting with Cherry and Marcia on page 27. On pages 48 and 49, Ponyboy and Johnny get into a fight with Bob and the other socs. On page 107, Dally and the greasers start preparing for the rumble with the socs. On page 109, Two-bit and Ponyboy talk to Cherry about the upcoming rumble. The rumble starts on page 117.

I hope this helps. If you still want to find a specific word in The Outsiders, I suggest you purchase a pdf or other ebook version and use your search function on your computer or e-reader. Good luck!

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