What events or situations in The Outsiders prove that Ponyboy is heroic and a good person? 

Expert Answers
sciftw eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think the best situation to use as proof of Ponyboy's heroism and upstanding moral character is the burning church sequence.  Ponyboy and Johnny are on the run after Johnny stabbed and killed a Soc to save Ponyboy's life.  They are hiding out in an abandoned church.  After awhile, they are able to leave the church and return home.  But as they are leaving the church, Johnny and Ponyboy realize that the church is on fire and that a group of children have wandered into the structure. Without any thought for their own personal safety, Ponyboy and Johnny rush back into the church and save the children.  That's an act of heroism and clearly shows that Ponyboy cares for other people more than he cares for himself.  

Ponyboy's interactions with Cherry also show that he is a good person. He treats her with respect and dignity.  He doesn't try to woo her with dirty talk like the other Greasers, and he doesn't cast her off as some Soc that doesn't know anything either.  Pony treats her fairly.