In the Outsiders, what does Cherry Valance look like? All I can find is that she has red hair....the outsiers is a book, in case you didn't know

Expert Answers
dswain001 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Sherri Valance (she is called Cherry because of her bright red hair) is a Soc girl. She and Ponyboy both go to the same school and she appears to be no older than 16 or 17-years-old. Although she and Ponyboy attend the same school but run in very different circles. When Ponyboy sees Cherry and Marica at the movies, he finds them both to be very attractive. He says:

"They were tuff-looking girls. Dressed sharp and really good-looking."

Ponyboy makes many references to Cherry's beauty and class. Because Cherry runs in the same circles as the Socs, she is most likely dressed very demurely in a skirt and blouse or blue jeans and a cardigan. Her makeup --if she wore any--was probably very minimal.  Given the time-period of the story, I would say she may have dressed like Audrey Hepburn or a young Jacqueline Kennedy. Sherry was probably a stark contrast to the Greaser girls who, according to Ponyboy, wore too much makeup and dressed in skirts that were too short.