What are the summaries of Chapters 5-7 of The Outsiders?

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CHAPTER 5Ponyboy awakes in the old church on Jay Mountain, uncertain of where he is. When Johnny returns from purchasing supplies--and a copy of Gone with the Wind--they decide to cut their hair and bleach Pony's. Both share tears and reading the novel. Johnny believes that Dally is not unlike the Southern gentlemen of the book, though Pony sees little similarities. Dally arrives on the fifth day, gives them an update about what's going on at home--including the upcoming rumble--and the boys get some real food.

CHAPTER 6.  Dally tells Johnny and Pony that Cherry Valance is acting as a spy for the greasers. Johnny decides that he and Pony should return home and face the consequences. On their way back to the church, they discover it afire--burning from the lit cigarettes they have left behind. Johnny rushes into the church to save the children, followed by Pony. Dally eventually enters as well to save his friends. Ponyboy passes out, and he awakes at the hospital: Dally has pulled them both out of the fire, and the children are safe. Pony has a tearful reunion with Soda and Darry.

CHAPTER 7.  The Curtis brothers return home, leaving Dally and Johnny--whose injuries will leave him crippled, if he lives--at the hospital. Pony is visitied by Two-Bit and Steve, who are happy to see him safe and present him with the newspaper, which proclaims Johnny, Pony and Dally heroes. Pony and Two-Bit decide to go downtown, where they are met by a group of Socs. One of them is Randy, who had been Bob Sheldon's (the dead Soc) best friend. Randy tells Pony that he will not attend the rumble, and they leave on good terms.

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