In The Outsiders, how is Sodapop funny and understanding? I'm doing a character sketch, which means describing character traits about a character in The Outsiders. i chose Soda but I need ideas on how he's funny and understanding.

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Ponyboy describes Soda as being everthing that his older brother, Darry, is not: Soda never yells at Pony and he treats him as an equal, rather than "as if I was six instead of fourteen." Soda sticks up for Pony during arguments with Darry, and he tries to calm his younger brother when he becomes upset. "Soda always takes up for me," Pony declares. Pony says that the "happy-go-lucky" Soda will never grow up and that he is always grinning, with eyes that are "recklessly laughing." In Chapter 7, the comedic side of Soda becomes more evident. Soda kept the reporters who had come to the hospital "in stitches," grabbing their hats and pretending to interview nurses. He also pretended to grab a policeman's pistol, and his infectious grin even made the cop grin, too. Even when he's not as animated as he was after Pony returned home, Soda's positive outlook on life makes him seem "funny" when compared with the ultra-serious Darry.  

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