In The Outsiders, how did Marcia impact the story--what was her personality?

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bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator

One of the minor characters of the novel, Marcia only appears in a couple scenes in The Outsiders. She is Cherry Valance's best friend--and undoubtedly a Soc--and is with her at the drive-in when Pony and Johnny join them in Chapters 2 and 3. Marcia seems to be a bit more happy-go-lucky than Cherry. Marcia "was a little smaller than Cherry. She was cute," but not like Cherry, who is "a real looker." It is Marcia who invites the boys, probably half-jokingly, to " 'sit up here with us. You can protect us.' " Marcia seems to like Two-Bit Matthews, and she later gives him her phone number (which Two-Bit tears up). Marcia jokes around with the boys and seems quite comfortable sitting with the three greasers. Marcia also accepts a Coke from Dally, unlike Cherry, who throws it in his face. We can also assume that Marcia is Randy's girlfriend, since he calls her "baby" before driving away with them. Marcia's impact on the story is minimal; she serves as Cherry's friend and, like Cherry, seems to enjoy the four greasers (and especially Two-Bit) for the friendly and slightly dangerous guys they are.

reading-resources eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Marcia impacts the story by showing the differences between the two “Soc” girls.  Marcia and Cherry are friends and are from the same social class, but they aren’t alike.  Cherry is a stronger character, and Ponyboy comes to realize that Cherry is “gold.”  Marcia seems shallow and weak in comparison.  She takes things lightly, as shown when she says, “If he gets killed or something, you just bury him.  No sweat.” 

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