The Watergate Scandal

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Outside of Nixon, who could be considered an overt actor in the Watergate Affair?

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In terms of the anatomy of the incident and its implications on American History, then- White House Chief of Staff H. R. Haldeman could be considered by many standards to be an overt actor in the Watergate Affair.  Haldeman actively discussed with President Nixon how to deal with the effects of the crisis.  Both men are captured on tape using the CIA to stop the FBI's investigation as a way to impede a transparent disclosure of the incident and further a cover- up of the affair.  Haldeman was overtly responsible for doing all that he could to ensure that the President's knowledge of the incident would remain hidden.  Haldeman's ability to use other agencies to deflect criticism of the White House and prevent a fuller understanding of the Watergate Affair would have to make him an individual whose actions would be overt in obstructing justice and consolidating the power of the President to be above the law.  I think that this is where Haldeman would be considered an overt agent of action in the Watergate Affair, representing how the desire to keep and consolidate power usually leads to more bad things than good.

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