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Outline the main features of patient empowerment and assisting with mobilization.

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The main features of empowerment and assisting with mobilization revolve around the welfare of the patient. Both concepts are meant to help the patient recover and to make them feel like they have an equal stake in their treatment.

Knowledge is a crucial feature for empowerment. A patient has to know about the sundry medicines, operations, and so on that are available. For the patent to make informed decisions about their course of treatment, the doctor shouldn't withhold knowledge, the patient should be enlightened as well. Understanding leads to further empowerment, as the patient can make sense of what's happening to them. As the patient makes a choice with their doctor, it's a collaborative effort.

The point of mobilization is to get the patient up and moving. Assisting a patient with mobilization can make them feel active and in control. As with empowerment, mobilization aims to push the patient to play a forceful role in their treatment/recovery. Studies have shown that assisting patients with mobilization after surgery decreases pain and produces healthier outcomes.

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