What are the steps in the consumer decision-making process? How can the marketer influence you at each step? Can you give a practical example with a product in mind?

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Here is my decision making process in buying something. I will use clothing as an example. When I am buying clothing at a department store, I want to know a few things.

First, I would like to know where it was made. If it was made in the United States, I favor this. I trust domestic made products and I want to support the economy. Second, I want to know if there are any sales going on. There must be incentives to buy something. If there is a sale, then I am more apt to buy. Third, I look at fit and style.

In light of these three points, marketers can do a number of things. First, they can advertise where something was made. This might help people. Also this can be coupled with a message of quality. Second, they can also advertise that it is a great time to buy, because there is a sale going on. Finally, they can partner with famous people and have them wear their products to show style.

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