Outline some steps a U. S. company should take to expand its online presence internationally.  

Expert Answers
thanatassa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The first step a United States company should take to increase its online global reach is to make its website available in multiple languages. This also includes programming input field to use a variety of character sets, such as Arabic, Greek, or even the accents used in French.

Next, the website needs to be usable by international users. For example, many websites in the United States insist on asking for a five digit numeric zip code in addresses -- but many nations have postal codes in different formats. Similarly, it's important to have payment options in multiple currencies, and through methods such as PayPal and various global credit cards.

Finally, you need to create international buzz concerning your company and products, whether by product placements in Bollywood films or placing ads on Chinese or Latin American websites. The more websites for local products or services in a country link to your site, the more interest you will generate.