Please provide a sample outline for a Thanksgiving Day party.I need an outline sample about a Thanksgiving party

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If I were writing an essay or story modeled after the “Thanksgiving Day” story, I would focus on detailed descriptions of the characters rather than focusing on events.  This is because the story focuses more on describing the characters and family than on plot.  I would outline it around people then.  I am providing you with some generic sample information so you can plan your own outline, but feel free to use mine too.  You can fill in the rest.

  1. Hosting Family
    1.  Mother greets guests at the door.
      1. Wears an apron but with perfect outfit and hair, apron is more for show as others are doing the work.
      2. Makes small talk, tries to make guests feel welcome while staying in control of who goes where and does what.
        1. Makes suggestions, such as oldest son is playing football and middle daughter has games.
    2. Father stays in the kitchen with the turkey at first, then moves to the TV to chat with guests.
      1. Father shoes out those who venture into the kitchen, but only after giving them little treats.
      2. He is portly and jolly, and does not wear an apron but is covered in flour and little stains that don’t seem to bother him at all.
    3. Oldest daughter assists mom with cooking.
    4. Middle daughter watches and entertains the visiting children and youngest daughter.
    5. Son stays outside most of the afternoon playing football with some of the guests
  2. Visiting family 1
    1. Mother is tense.
    2. Two teenage sons that join the football game
    3. Father turns the game on TV as soon as he arrives
  3. Visiting family 2
    1. Mother is exhausted, carrying a baby
    2. Three young children
  4. Visiting family 3


You can see that I describe the people carefully, and through these descriptions was basically see the plot unfold.  It’s actually kind of fun!

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