My request: Please give me an an outline for the research paper.

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readerofbooks eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Since you are writing a research paper on globalization and education, you know the broad topic. Now what you need to do is to select a thesis. This is the most important part of any research paper. So, put a good amount of time picking a good thesis. What, then, is a thesis? 

A thesis is what you are trying to prove through your research paper. To put it another way, a thesis is an arguable main point, which your paper revolves around. 

After a thesis, you need main sections that substantiate your thesis with in depth argumentation. In these sections, you would cite other scholars, studies, and make your arguments. The more cogent your arguments are, the stronger your thesis is. This is also were you anticipate objects. If you thoughtfully address potential critics of your thesis, your paper will be stronger. 

Finally, end with your conclusion. This is where you wrap up your research paper. Bring together your main points and show how your thesis is correct. 

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