Outline criticisms of Von Thunen's Theory of Economic Rent.  

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Von Thunen was a German geographer who devised a model to explain the location of various forms of land use. In particular, his model was devised after observing land use around cities in Germany in 1826.


His theory of Economic Rent stated that use of land would be decided by the interplay between transport costs (price of getting goods to market) and the economic rent (money that land is worth) that the land commands.


The closer to the central place, the more expensive the economic Rent, but the cheaper the transport costs. In this case the farmer would use the land in a very intensive manner to make as much profit as possible. If the farmer were to buy land with cheaper economic rent further from the city, then using it for market gardening would be cost inhibitive. Not only would this land require many costly inputs such as labour and...

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