Outline the character sketch of Ratan in Postmaster by Rabindranath Tagore.no

kc4u | Student

Ratan is one of the simplest and yet one of the most enigmatic feminine characters in Rabindranath Tagore's short stories. She is village girl, simple, honest, caring. She is illiterate at the beginning of the story but slowly learns to read and write under the guidance of the postmaster. she does the odd jobs for him. She is well-behaved and obedient to her master. She is an orphan and suffers from a deep-rooted agony of absolute solitude. Thus in the postmaster's acts of education and storytelling about his own family back in Calcutta, she glimpses a loving company of familial relations. Her need for love and be loved is accentuated and the way she starts to refer to the postmaster as 'dada' is a sign of growing intimacy.

The most interesting feature of Ratan unfolds when she maternally looks after the ailing postmaster and at the end of the story when he goes away permanently, initially she wants to go with him. But when he tells her it is simply not possible, she never utters another word. This is the pinnacle of her silent maturity, the mystery of her distinctly feminine desire and her extreme simplicity in not being able to understand the unbridgable gaps between the urban and the rural and thus the absurdity of her going away with him. She does come out ultimately to see him for the last time after circulating his house. She refuses his money and leaves the job of domestic help once and for all.

maheshdholiya | Student

Ratan is all we imagine about the image of the village. She is the pearl of the pond. She is obey-everything-to-love character that any Indian writer of English has ever sketched. There is no chance for backdrops in her. She is well-behaved, but shy, silent, patient girl that any Indian girl of village should be. Very sensitive in nature that easily gets troubled by the pain she feels, is the most sensational orphan girl that recently has learnt writing. She is a companion not a servant, a butterfly who always stays around the lamp like Dada but not a spider. Perhaps devil has to think to go near her lovely nature that god has bestowed her. She is the shadow of Postmaster, a left hand of Dada, an apple of his eyes, sing of pure innocence and genuine reminiscence of the postmaster how will never forget her. She is the real gap filler of her Dada's sense of homesickness, separation, intimacy, companionship, soul fellow, unspoken and inexpressible possession of Dada's heart that would ever keep beating.

Ratan represents the real Indianness. Her way of living, routine, childish nature but quite acceptable often make her the Arya girl. She becomes the real diaspora of the writer, who by tactic, sketch such character to make his own character the postmaster at ease. She is the poetry that Dada writes unspeakably in his note-book. She is only female characters who can make the postmaster feel that he is making the earth cry constantly whose pouring tears can fill the river with flowing water on which the postmaster can float.

shreyaabharty | Student

Ratan is a very emotional and an ordinary village girl.  She is a  sympathetic character in the story The Postmaster because she is an orphan.She has a lot of patience as she awaited for a long time for the call of the postmaster.Ratan is a feminine character in this story as she had played a role of the postmaster's mother when the postmaster was suffering from fever and had also accompained and made him comfortable in the village of Ulapur .

She was a teenager ,about twelve to thirteen years of age and so she was very emotional. Ratan was very sensitive so the refusal of the postmaster made her feel very dejected and detached. the laugh of the postmaster haunted her as she was like a creeper to the postmaster.Being a tenager she dont have the maturity or philosophical ideas to except the real truth of the worldso she had a faint hope that the postmaster would come again in the village.

Here, in this story Rabindranath Tagore had made us understand that there will be meetings and departings in our life and we will make thousands of mistakes in life again and again which had no limit as our hart neglect the greatest truth and the logical things of the world but at a moment this false hopes of the heart flees away and the greatest truth come infront of us.

praveenm | Student

ratan is a poor, orphan and an illiterate girl. she is a poor girl and a honest one as she helped the postmaster.

yash14 | Student

ratan is a girl of 12 or 13. she is an illeterate + an orphan girl who helps the postmaster in his house hold work...

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