Outline the Australian entrepreneur Clive Palmer's early life. What personal problems or hardships have affected the development and/or success of his business ventures?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Clive Palmer was very sick as a child.  From his own recollections, he suggests that "I had seven years out of nine years in hospital with chronic asthma. I think I weighed about three and a half stone when we came to Queensland in 1963 and everyone thought I was going to die."  One can see Palmer's aggressive tendency towards business as representative of the zeal and passion of one who values life. Given the early health challenges of his life and a near death experience as he was older, Palmer embraces a vitality for life that can be seen in his business practices:  "So, you know when you go to a close near death experience you tend to value life more important and the opportunities you've got."  

For Palmer, this approach has helped him generate millions in wealth.  His accumulation of wealth has come from very aggressive moves in business that can be traced to creating "opportunities." Securing the presence of iron ore in Australia, and then parlaying that into negotiations with Chinese businesses reflect risk- taking and aggressiveness that underscore how important "opportunities" are for Palmer.  In addition to aggressive financial moves that have enabled him to generate much in way of wealth, Palmer enjoys the limelight with his claims to fame in amusement parks and recreations of historical relics such as the Titanic.  The impact of spending so much of his life in a precarious condition and not being able to fully enjoy what life has had to offer played a role in developing the desire to create "opportunities" for wealth accumulation in Palmer's business portfolio.