Order the decimals .007 .00060  .0003 and .048 least to greatest.

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There is a mistake in enotechcris' answer.

When you look at decimals, think about what they are worth. The farther you go the right of the decimal place, the smaller the amount.

. ________ ___________ _____________ ______________



Now think about that.

If you take one whole and cut it into 10 pieces, each one is a tenth, or .1

If you take that same whole and cut it into 100 pieces, each one is a hundredth, or .01 -- which is alot smaller than a tenth.


.007 is 7 thousandths

.00060 is 6 ten-thousandths -- way smaller than .007

NOTE that the last zero, to the right of the 6, doesn't make any difference. It's just like the first 0 in the whole number 01,234 doesn't make any difference.

.0003 is 3 ten-thousandths - which is actually the SMALLEST one -- it's very close to .0006, but 3 of these tiny pieces is less than 6 of them.

.048 would be read as 48 thousandths, which is alot more than 7 thousandths.

SO, the correct answer, in order from smallest to largest, is:





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