Out of all of my summer work i dont understand graphing...can somwone please help???x;-2<x<0 x+1;0<x<4

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hala718 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Let us divide your question:

We have the equation let us say Y such that:

y = x    when x values between -2 and 0

Now let us substitute with -2 and 0 fopr y values:

x = -2 ==> y = -2   Then we have the coordinates (-2, -2)

x = 0 ==> y= 0  Then we have the coordinates (0,0)

Then we draw a line between both points, We note that we have open interval so we draw emty circle to indicate that 0 and 2 are not in the interval but the values approches them.

Now for the other part:

y= x+ 1   when x values between 0 and 4

x= 0 ==> y= 1    Then the coordinate is (0, 1)

x= 4 ==> y= 5  Thenb the coordinate is (4,5)

So we draw a line between both points with open intervals at both points.

neela | Student

To graph -2<x< 0.

Solution :

-2 < x means that x is greater than -2. Or X lies to the right of x.

x< 0 means x can take any value less than 0. Or x should lie on the left of 0 on the number lie.

So -2<x and  x <0 imples that x is any value in between -2 and 0 on the number line.

 So the graph is like A--------------------------B , where A = -2 and B = 0.   X  is any point between A and B but excluding A and B. I t also means x belongs to the open interval (-2 ,0) or x is any number in the open interval (-2,0).

Graph of x+1:0<x<1.

 We require the graph of x+1  when  x belongs to the open interval (0 , 1).

It also implies x+1 belongs to the open interval (0+1 , 1+1) or x+1 belongs to the open interval  (1 , 2).

So the graph of x+1: 0<x<1 is the segment of the number line 1 to 2. like when  0 <x <1.   

 1----------(x+1)---------------2. Here X+1 is any point  between 1 and 2 but excluding 1 and 2.