Out of all the movies & versions of Frankenstein what is unexpected about the description of the actual creature of life here?

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missy575 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think there are three aspects of the creature's character that readers do not expect when they read the novel for the first time after seeing versions of the tale on television or in comic books.

1. He is compassionate. The creature cares about the DeLaceys and works to help them when he can. At night, he copies the man's behavior of gathering wood, and watches the next day as it frees the man for other chores.He learns of emotion when he watches the girl cry and it creates feeling in him.

2. He longs for friendship. Readers often believe Frankenstein's monster is out to kill people or eat them. However, his desire for a companion and his desire to commune with society come through with intensity. He wants to show himself to society, but the will not and cannot get past his appearance. They leap to the conclusion that he would be out to get them. This happened with the DeLaceys and it destroyed him.

3. He is intelligent. Often, the picture of Frankenstein's creature is that he can't talk, in fact all people believe he can do is hold out his arms like a mummy and haunt people. But, quite the opposite is true. The creature longed for information and education. He wanted to learn language. As he speaks with Victor, his vocabulary demonstrates that he is indeed a learned character with the capacity to reason and judge.

Your question cites "here". I imagine you may be looking for a specific part of the text, but without a chapter reference, I have given you an answer that speaks to the portions of the book when the monster is telling his story to Victor. Hope this helps.

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