Out of all the literary characters why would a meeting between Gulliver in Gulliver’s Travels and Odysseus in The Odyssey be a good one?

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accessteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Well, I actually think that there would be a number of possible combinations if we could make two literary characters from any texts meet. This would just be one of the more interesting ones to think about. Let us remember that Gulliver is a fascinating character because of his basic goodness, in that he refuses to cheat patients, and that he is naturally curious about different places. However, at the same time, during the course of his adventures, he is presented as being rather proud and arrogant. His name above all suggests that he is rather gullible, which draws attention to his own set of prejudices and biases.

When we consider Odysseus in the light of this, we can see that although he is a Homeric hero with all of the qualities of bravery and strength and courage that we associate with such indivdiuals, at the same time what distinguishes Odysseus from other heroes is his great cunning and intelligence. This is one parallel we can find between the two characters. In addition, in spite of his numerous good qualities, it is possible to view him as being rather arrogant and proud at times, such as when he declares his identity to the Cyclops and thus brings down the wrath of Poseidon onto himself and his men. These similarities would perhaps indicate that a meeting between these two literary characters would be very interesting indeed.

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