Our society has many problems that Jonas’s doesn’t have.How has the “committee of elders” solved those problems?

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litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Good question!  The community is not all bad.  For example, there is no divorce.  Since there is no love, people don’t marry for love and adults are only together to raise children.  The children are not related to them, and they have no love for the children either.  Since there is no love, there is no pain.

They have solved other problems too.  There is no unemployment, because people are appointed to jobs.  They can’t get fired, and they can’t get laid off.  They also won’t go homeless or hungry because that is taken care of by the community too.

midcoast-teacher | Student

As you read further in the book, you will find that all the memories are kept within one person, the titular Giver. Consider that memories often have very clear emotions tied to them. By removing the memories from a group of people, they have no real emotional ties to their past, and therefore nothing has ever happened that would constitute holding onto an emotion. This is the same idea behind the sharing of feelings at the dinner table: by making the sharing a frank and very professional discussion of one's emotions, you are encouraging someone to limit the emotions they feel in return.