Cranford Questions and Answers
by Elizabeth Gaskell

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In chapter one titled "Our Society" of Elizabeth Gaskell's novel Cranford, is Captain Brown a flat or round character?

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In "Our Society", chapter one of the novel Cranford, Captain Brown is a round character. Round characters are presented to the reader like real people, in comparison to flat characters who only show the reader their superficial, one-dimensional surface.

In this chapter the reader learns that "the ladies of Cranford are quite sufficient" and prefer to live without men. They believe that "'a so in the way in the house!'” (2). In comes Captain Brown, "a half-pay captain" who "had obtained some situation on a neighbouring railroad" and moves to Cranford. He instantly challenges the "Amazonian" women's rules of society, annoying the narrator and Miss Jenkyns, the town's matriarch.

First, we learn that in a society where the women believe it tacky to speak of money, Captain Brown boasts that he is poor, and we are...

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